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The Islands of Loch Lomond
LOCH LOMOND is situated only 18 miles from Glasgow, making an ideal natural recreation area for the people of Scotland's largest urban conurbation. It can boast of beautiful scenery, consisting of large expanses of water inter-spersed by picturesque and mysterious islands, and all enclosed with a rim of rugged mountains to the north, east and west.
Published statistics regarding the length of the loch vary widely, but the authoritative Bathymetrical Survey of the Scottish Fresh Water Lakes, constructed between 1897 and 1907, gives its length as 22.64 miles. It is about 4 1/2 miles wide at its broadest point, and in the narrow northern section reaches the great depth of 105 fathoms or 630 feet. Its surface area of 271/2 square miles is the largest of any fresh water lake in Britain.
There has always been controversy over exactly how many islands there are in Loch Lomond, for there are varying definitions of what constitutes an island. Some would include barren rocks while others would say that there must be vegetation. In 800AD Nennius wrote decisively about the number of islands in the Loch.
"The first marvel (of Scotland) is Loch Lomond. In it are sixty islands and men dwell there, and it is surrounded by sixty rocks and an eagle's nest is on every rock; and sixty rivers flow into it, and there issues not therefrom to the sea save one river which is called Leven.
By the eighteenth century Alexander Graham of Duchray gives a slightly more believable report:
"The above ment lake of Loch Lomond is computed to be threttie two miles of watter in length, where at its broadest is computed to be about nyne miles of watter. In this Loch are thirtie islands, great and small. 
  In this site we have included 23 named islands which now form part of Scotland's first National Park.
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